Kolej Teknologi Darulnaim

Diploma in Computer Science (IT) - DDPC

This program will produce graduates that can work as programmer, assistant IT officer, web developer, technical support staff, assistant database administrator, assistant system administrator, assistant network engineer, IT entrepreneur and any related jobs in the IT industry. The graduates may also further their studies in a Bachelor of Computer Science or bachelor in any related field at local or foreign universities. To fulfill the objective of this programme, the graduate should be able to:

1. Demonstrate semi professional competencies such as the skill of computer hardware management, algorithm, programming, software design and development by applying knowledge in computer science and Information Technology (IT) areas.

2. Solve technical problems in computer science and IT fields and able to work in multidisciplinary teams.

3. Involve in community activities, professional organizations and contribute towards society.

4. Continue studies at higher level and self development as a professional.

Semester 1

DDC 1023 Programming Methodology
DDC 1243 Digital Logic
DDC 1443 Computer Application
DDS 1032 Mathematics I
UDB 1312 English Proficiency
UDT 1012 Islamic Civilization / Asia Civilization I

Semester 2

DDC 1123 Programming I
DDC 1223 Computer Organization & Assembly Language
DDS 1042 Mathematics II
DDS 1313 Statistics
UDB 1322 English For Academic Communication
UDP 1132 Malaysian Nationhood

Semester 3

DDC 2133 Programming II
DDC 2223 System Software
DDC 2313 Programming In Operation Research
DDS 2032 Mathematics III
UDB 2332 English For Professional Communication
UDT 2032 Islamic Institutions

Semester 4

DDC 2233 Data Communication
DDC 2423 Data Structure
DDC 2453 System Analysis and Design
DDC 2483 Database
DDS 2042 Mathematics IV
UDP 2142 Islamic Civilization / Asia Civilization II

Semester 5

DDC 3153 User Interface Programming
DDC 3243 Computer Network
DDC 3363 Programming III
DDC 3473/ DDC 3013 Management Information Systems
DDZ 2112 Web Based Application’s Development 1
DDS 3032 Mathematics V

Semester 6

DDC 3143 Object-Oriented Programming
DDC 3223 Software Engineering
DDC 3332 Computer System Installation And Maintenance
DDC 3342 Computer Security
DDZ 3123 Web Based Applications Development II
UDI 3052 / UDP 3052 Islamic Education / Self Development