Kolej Teknologi Darulnaim

Diploma in Technology Management (Accounting) - DDPW

This program will produce graduates that can work as Account Assistant, Audit Assistant, Tax Assistant and Management Trainee. The graduates may also further their studies for a Bachelor of Accounting or bachelor in any related field at local or foreign universities. To fulfill the objective of this programme, the graduate should be able to:

1. Demonstrate semi professional competencies as a result of knowledge in accounting field, i.e. financial accounting, management accounting, auditing and taxation.

2. Solve technical problems and work in a multidisciplinary team.

3. Involve in community and professional organizations or make contributions towards society.

4. Further studies at a higher level and self development as a professional.

Semester 1

DDW 1313 Financial Accounting I
DDG 1223 Principles of Management
DDG 1413 Foundation to Microeconomic
DDC 1013 Application of Computer
UDB 1312 English Proficiency
UDP 1132 Malaysian Nationhood

Semester 2

DDW 1323 Financial Accounting II
DDG 1113 Business Mathematics
DDG 1123 Introduction to Business
DDG 1423 Foundation of Macroeconomics
UDB 1322 English for Academic Communication
UDT 1012 Islamic Civilisation 1

Semester 3

DDW 2163 Cost Accounting
DDW 2263 Business Law
DDG 2193 Principles of Marketing
DDG 2213 Business Statistics
UDB 2332 English for Professional Communication
UDP 2142 Asia Civilisation II

Semester 4

DDW 2133 Intermediate Accounting
DDW 2232 Purchasing Management
DDW 2243 Management Accounting
DDW 2253 Introduction to Finance
DDW 2283 Computerised Accounting
UDT 2032 Islamic Institutions

Semester 5

DDW 3153 Intermediate Accounting 2
DDW 3173 Taxation 1
DDW 3183 Auditing
DDG 2223 Introduction to Operation Management
UDI 3052 / UDP 3052 Islamic Education / Self Development

Semester 6

DDW 3273 Taxation 2
DDW 3253 Islamic Economics System
DDW 3263 Company Law
DDW 3293 Advance Financial Accounting I
DDG 3183 Business Communication